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March 16th, 2013

With her jet ebony skin, enormous natural boobs and exotic good looks, Angelina is the kind of dark slut who would drive most white men wild. Centerfold Antonio relaxes with her on the bed before she kneels next to him, eagerly mouthing his dickhead. At first his rod is only semi erect but soon Angelina has worked it to a blazing state of hardness with her lips and tongue. She gets an extensive banging in this video, moaning as the virile white guy drills her in her bald ebony vagina. She’s totally surprised by how good the big cock feels in her juicy slit! She expertly jerks the sticky load out onto her face and into her mouth.

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March 11th, 2013

White dude Antonio is lying on his bed, chilling, when he hears a knock on his hotel room door. It’s young African hooker Sharmin, looking quite sexy in a short red dress. She knows what to do, wordlessly pulling down her guy’s jeans and getting down to some serious oral business on his fat shaft. At first Antonio is horny, content to just let the African model work his pole, but he grows more aroused towards the end of the flick, getting on top and roughly rutting this ebony harlot likely dirty street chick that she is. The shlong goes back in her filthy mouth once Antonio is ready to finish and he spurts messily down her throat.

Nude Africa Documentary

March 7th, 2013

Have you ever seen one of those nude Africa documentary films?  I know that they are meant to be educational and to provide viewers with a better understanding of the African culture. But, for me, watching those nude Africa documentaries is like watching a free porno flick on television.


There is nothing more beautiful than the body of a black woman and, when you watch one of those African documentaries, you get to see every part of the woman’s body.  Not only that, those women are completely natural.  I mean, you don’t have to ask yourself if those tits are real or not and you know the hair is 100% real.  When you hook up with a woman in the UK, you can never be too certain about these things.


The other thing that I like about these documentaries is when they show those women dancing around naked.  Dayuuum!  Those women can sure dance and, of course, since they are naked, it is a whole lot of fun watching those black tits bounce up and down and seeing those black asses jiggle.


Of course, not all African women are parts of tribes in the sense that most of us think about when watching documentary films.  There are some tribes that are a lot more civilized than the ones we see on television.  These women are just as beautiful to me, though, because they represent the roots and beauty of black people.  The pride in their beautiful faces and their determination to make a better life for themselves is very attractive to me.


I remember the time that I actually got to get together with a woman from Africa.  I met her at the beach.  She was kind of quiet at first, like she wasn’t sure how to respond to a man in the UK.  After she got comfortable with me, however, we started to talk about her life in Africa and we made a real connection.  Before I knew it, we were kissing and fondling each other right there on the sand.  I asked her if she wanted to go back to my place and she agreed.


Once we got to my place, the kissing and fondling continued.  I took it slow and easy with her, but I knew she wanted it.  After awhile, she was sitting on my lap and grinding away at me with our clothes still on.  I picked her up and continued kissing her as we made our way to my bedroom.


Once to my bedroom, I laid her down on my bed and slowly started undoing her blouse and taking off her pants.  By the time I got her clothes all the way off, she was moaning and begging me to fuck her.  But, I made her wait a little longer as I kissed her all over her body and took my clothes off.


Finally, I got on top of her and stuck my dick in her black pussy.  I started off nice and slowly, but she was so worked up that she had an orgasm almost as soon as I put my cock in her.  I kept fucking her nice and slow until she had ridden out her entire orgasm.  Then, I worked my way up to a faster speed.  Before long, I was pounding away at her and the entire bed was shaking.


We ended up fucking for what seemed like hours.  I lost track of the number of orgasms she had, but I know she had plenty.  I never saw her again after that one day of fucking, but that is OK.  She will always be my African queen.

African Amateur with World’s Perfect Ass in African Fuck Tour

March 7th, 2013

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen an ass more perfect than Cocoa’s. It’s absolutely incredible in fact, and more than enough to make me want to whip it out and start wanking it right away. Cocoa is showing off her cock sucking skills to start off with, but before long you’ll find her making sure to get herself some booty camera time. Its’ so nice and tight and round that there’s really no other acceptable way to fuck her other than doggy style. I’m glad that Antonio has figured that out so that we can all enjoy ourselves.

Lusty African Amateur Goes Interracial in African Fuck Tour

March 6th, 2013

Jane is a cute African amateur that Antonio picks up off the streets, and he’s going to make the most out of his stay in a foreign country – he’s going to get as much pussy as possible. Jane is going to make your balls drain themselves when they see her blowjob technique, because this black girl is damn good. Before long she is making sure to ride that dick, taking it all the way inside her and enjoying this vanilla cock. It’s a bit of a departure from her normal fuck fests, and you can see her getting turned on by the camera alone.

UK Black Pussy

March 5th, 2013

When it comes to hooking up with a black escort, UK rules are pretty tricky.  As with many laws in the UK, it is okay to do it but it is not okay to advertise.  In other words, girls in the UK can advertise their “escort” services that involve just spending time with you but they cannot advertise the fact that they are willing to give you pussy or to suck your dick if you want them to.


Since UK laws are so strange, you have to learn how to read between the lines when you are looking to pay for some black pussy in the UK.  If you look on websites or contact an “escort” service, that service will only talk about spending time with you for a certain amount each hour.  They may talk about how passionate the girl is or how spontaneous she is.  They may also talk about the things she enjoys, like drinking wine or going for long walks.  If you ask if she likes to fuck, however, they won’t be able to discuss the sorts of sexual things she does for money.  You will just have to read between the lines and try to figure out what the girl is willing to do based on her likes and dislikes.


Once you have already set up an appointment with an escort, that is when you can make your moves and try to get that pussy.  Of course, there is no “trying” involved.  That girl knows exactly what you paid to spend time with her.  I mean, why would you pay to spend time with a girl so you can take her out to drink some wine or so you can take her on long walks?  If you were looking for that kind of bullshit, you would just hook up with some girl at the bar.  You are looking for pussy here, not a relationship.


So, once you are at the apartment of the escort or once she has come to your place, you can then make your moves on her.  Don’t worry about getting rejected.  You paid for your time with the girl and she is going to give up the pussy.  There is no doubt about that.


If you have some sort of special fantasy that you have always wanted to live out, you can discuss this with the escort too.  If you want her to dress in a cheerleader outfit or some other type of role playing costume, she shouldn’t have any problem giving you what you want.


If you are looking for a dominatrix, finding one while staying within the UK law can be trickier.  After all, not all girls know how to treat a man like a piece of shit.  So, you will need to look for a girl that is dressed up in leather or in a mask when you pick from among the available escorts.  This is a sure sign that she will be happy to spank you and treat you like the little bitch you are.


No matter what girl you find, you should have no problem finding one that will suck your dick if a blow job is what you are after.  If you are looking to get a little ass action, that can be tricky sometimes too.  Pretty much all of the escorts will give the ass up, but some are more skilled with it than others.  Still, if you paid for it, that girl should be giving it up to you.  That’s one of the great things about escorts – you don’t have to worry about pleasing the girl or giving her what she wants.  It is all about you and getting your nut off.

African Amateur Amber Fucked in Hotel in African Fuck Tour

February 28th, 2013

Amber gets picked up by Antonio as he’s running around for this business trip. He doesn’t get a lot of business done, but he is down for boundless pleasure with Amber. He spreads her open wide, her pink slot getting soaked through, and before long she is pressing her luscious ebony butt back against him for some deep interracial action. There’s plenty of moaning and groaning that gets louder the closer that Amber is getting to an intense and absolutely insane climax, that leaves her shuddering in pleasure.

Alina Puts African Pussy on Dick in African Fuck Tour

February 27th, 2013

African girls are few and far between in porn, so Antonio went to Africa to find them for himself. This great piece of ass is named Alina, and she has one rather impressive chocolate booty. She starts off by showing off that ass to him, and Antonio leans in for a few good pictures. I bet I’d like those for my personal collection. The best part is after she’s giving him the vigorous blowjob. He sits back in the chair and she ends up riding his dick in a reverse cowgirl position. It’s erotic as hell and you’re going to love every second.

Freak Of The Week 6 – Black Magic Pictures

February 25th, 2013

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Get your freak on! Thick black booties for the picking! You`ll love the asses on these tricks, they don`t stop bouncing! Enjoy all-black sex, with dick all the way down the throat and deep inside the pussy, in Freak of the Week 6!

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Booty Freaks – Black Magic Pictures

February 25th, 2013

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